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My Redesign of The Phantom Tollbooth Book Cover

Once again this post is about a project in one of my classes while at The Art Institute of Houston. This is probably getting repetitive, but even though my major was in web design there are some design and illustrations that I am quite fond of. My main profession may be as a web designer and developer but I also posses a passion for illustration and drawing, even if its mostly as a hobby or past time.

This poster was for an InDesign course, and may be one of my most favorite projects. The reason is because The Phantom Tollbooth was one of my favorite books as a child. My mum would read it to me over and over and I never tired of it. In my adult years I have read it again and again, and still enjoy it. I have my original copy from when I was a child and hope that one day my children will read it and enjoy it as much as I have. Well, my oldest is a typical teenager and is mostly into video games and air soft, but there is still hope for my younger two. :)

This was a really fun project. I drew the illustrations myself in Illustrator. It was just easier to use Illustrator to draw them. I drew them on paper first to ensure I got the illustration exactly how I wanted it. Then I redrew each one in Illustrator. I emphasized three of the most important aspects and characters in this story, well to me anyway. Those are the tollbooth, Milo, the main character, and Tock, the friend and companion Milo meets when he enters the tollbooth. I wanted a font for the title that looked a bit hand drawn. I had attempted to hand draw my own, but they didn't' turn out to my liking. So I found a font to use, which worked perfectly. I drew a road across the cover to link the front and back cover. Used a font for the type that had an old typewriter look to it. Added in the author bio, placed my illustrations just right, but not too perfectly aligned, and voila! My redesigned book cover.

Looking over this again I really want to get back into drawing and illustrating again.

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