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New Year Resolutions

Originally I built this blog for my website to write about different things I learned along the way in web design and development, but unfortunately I’ve gotten caught up with work and home life and neglected writing about anything new I learned. Then I had an epiphany, just because this website was originally built to showcase my work in web design, and hopefully bring new clients, that doesn't mean that this blog has to be solely dedicated to just web design and development. It’s my blog, and I can blog what I want to! :)

So, without further ado, here is my list of resolutions so far:

  1. Make new connections. This is very important because the more connections you have the better chance you have of landing a new client or job.
  2. Continue building my skills. This one is also very important. The more skills I have and the better I am with those skills the more opportunities for work I have. The best place I’ve found with tons of content for learning new skills and building upon old ones is SitePoint Premium. Definitely worth the small monthly fee.
  3. Learn how to see into the future. I’m quite sure this one is impossible, but wouldn’t it be awesome if it was possible? I could have really used this last year. The reason is because around the end of the year these past two years work slows down. So to prevent the stress I had previously, last year I decided to save all that I could to ensure I would have some extra cash to cover bills and such to get me through the end of the year and hopefully into the new year until work picks up again. Unfortunately, no matter how hard you plan, life seems to have a way of deciding to kick you, and it kicked hard! We had a small house fire, nothing really major, but enough to do some damage and require that we stay in a hotel for a couple of months. Because of this all my hard saved money went poof, because of new expenses. So, the intro to this new year has been a bit rough to say the least.
  4. Begin scrunching and saving early. Last year I began putting away in the middle of the year, so hopefully if I begin putting away as soon as I start earning again, even if it's just $5, maybe, just maybe, if life doesn’t kick me again in a major way, the kiddos and I will be a bit better off should the end of this year get sluggish.
  5. Take the kiddos on more fun outings. This is something we don’t do very often, if at all. It can get a bit expensive, even for free events because hello, you still have to pay for the gas to get there. So, if at any time I can put away for future outings this year, I will do so no matter what. My younger two love going on little outings, even if it’s just to walk the trails at the Houston Arboretum & Nature Center.
  6. Train my daughter’s gerbils. This one has been hard to keep up with because you have to continually work with them on a daily basis, and my days are so busy. I have kiddos to take care of in the mornings, than during the week I’m either working, making connections, or building my skills while they are in school. Once they get home I have to satisfy their little tummys with a snack and make sure they complete their homework, because my younger two will do whatever they can to skip homework and go straight to playing outside. Then after that I have cook dinner, and then ensure they both shower and get to bed on time, which is not an easy task with those two. Phew! When do I train gerbils? But I have to figure this out, because my daughter would love it if she could play with them, know they trust her and her hands, which to them are these huge things coming to get them, and know that they won’t nibble her fingers to find out if she is edible or not. So, I need to do this. Train them, get them to trust me and my hands, then my daughter will be happy and the gerbils will get a lot more attention which will make them happy.

I think that is it for now. If I think of anything else I will either update this post or write a new one.

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