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Funny Story, Really, I Swear!

So, I wrote this post about my dog Samantha, which somehow got erased when doing some updating. I have no backup for that post, so I'm rewriting it to the best of my knowledge.

Basically Sam was looking out our back window that looks out onto the back porch, there was a leaf that was being blown slightly by the wind. It really had her attention because every time it moved she growled as if it was alive. It was so funny that I asked my son to record it. Little did I know that his addiction to Snapchat would shorten my ability to show a really funny video. Grrrr, teens and their social addictions!

Anyway, this leaf had her attention for quite some time. Eventually she was let out with our other dogs to go potty, and the first thing she did was run to the leaf on the porch, sniff it, I guess to see if it would respond, and when nothing happened, she went off to potty. After returning back into the house she went right back to the window, and once the leaf began moving again, her growling began again. She was so wowed by this leaf! It really was the funniest thing.

Sam is quite a hysterical dog. She is now 3 years old, but gets so over excited that she will literally run you over, and I do mean run you over. If you don't want to be knocked down to the ground and trampled, best get out of her way when she is worked up. My oldest son loves to work her up too. He plays with her and gets her so excited that she literally runs up the furniture. No lie, she really does. If her paws could stick to the walls like a bugs, she would do circles from the floor, up the walls if she could. But she can't, so she does it on the furniture. Sometimes, she literally knocks herself over, gets up, and goes at it again.

Anyway, that is a slight run down of our little Samantha and her personality, at least when she is happy go lucky and gearing to play. So, to see her so fixated on this leaf, barking and growling at it as if its going to pounce on her at any moment, was really hysterical. But don't take my word for it, see for yourself.

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