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Recycling Old Electronics

Have you ever wondered how to get rid of those old electronics safely, in order to avoid just throwing them into the trash? If you recycle everything you can, or are at least interested in a better alternative to rid yourself of old electronics you have no use for, or that don't work anymore, then read this post!!

Not too long ago I bought my boys a new TV for their bedroom. They were using an older box television and since my oldest son is an avid gamer I decided to upgrade his television, and to also get him out of the living room and off of my television. I bought him a flat screen, which works well for his needs, but there was a problem. What to do with the old box television we no longer wanted? It just didn't work well, was old, and didn't hook up to devices such as the PS3 with HD cables, which provides a much better gaming atmosphere. Better graphics equals happy gaming son, haha! Anyway, Best Buy has a recycling program, its free, all you need to do is bring in your old electronics to the customer service desk and they take them off your hands, recycle them, leaving no need to fill up land fills with old electronics that won't do our planet any good slowly rotting away, if at all, rotting I mean. It's that simple!!

Near where I live, which is a middle class area, there is a spot underneath a freeway where lazy people just dump their old electronics, TV's, what ever they don't want. It makes me so mad that they would be so lazy and careless. First of all, we don't want that near our neighborhood, and second, get off your lazy butts and look into better ways to recycle those electronics. It only takes a brain, a phone, and a call to known electronic stores and voila, you have just found out where to take that old TV, stereo, or what ever it is, get it off your hands, and recycled, instead of dumping it near someones neighborhood like a lazy ass who should be kicked where they stand. I have no tolerance to laziness, especially when it is our duty to take care of the planet we live on, not destroy it.

But it isn't just old televisions or stereos they recycle for you. I recently discovered that they also recycle alarm systems. My mum switched security companies not too long ago. The new company installed a brand new security system, and the company she had been with would not take back the old alarm system. She didn't want to just throw it away, she recycles as well, so she tries to avoid throwing anything away that can be recycled. She called up Best Buy, knowing they do recycle electronics, but not sure if they would recycle old alarm systems. She originally asked if they knew of anywhere she could take it, and by doing so found out that Best Buy would recycle it for her. So, with one simple phone call she was able to rid herself of her old alarm system safely.

So, if you or anyone you know has old electronics that they don't want or need, but you aren't sure if Best Buy recycles that particular item, if its one I haven't mentioned in this post, just give them a call, its that simple. Chances are they will recycle what you want to get off your hands. So pass this information along, you'll feel better doing so, and at the same time do something to help care for the planet we all call home.

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