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Setting Up A Local Install of Your WordPress Site With MAMP

Setting up a local environment on your Mac can be a difficult task for those who have no idea what they are doing. While searching in Google can bring up a lot of posts that show you step by step how to set up your Mac for testing websites locally, it may be something you just don't want to bother with. The simplest solution? Using MAMP to setup the local environment instead. Oh, and one other thing, MAMP is free, so that should settle any worries right off the bat.

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Companion Planting

In my previous post "Year Three Expanding Cucumber Variations", I mentioned companion planting. In this post I'm going to explain what companion planting is, and how it can benefit your garden. Companion planting is planting different plants in one area, a garden bed, or a plant pot, in order for those plants to enhance each other's growth, or to help protect each other from various pests.

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Building Our Third Garden Bed

Since I'm trying a few different variations this year, I needed a new garden bed for my lemon cucumbers and Boston pickling cucumbers. So my son and I decided to build a new garden bed so we could then transplant them once they were ready. The idea of building this new bed came from my son's failed attempt at building another garden bed last year.

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Year Three Expanding Cucumber Variations

This year is our third year growing vegetables. We now have three garden beds, a melon patch, three lettuce beds made out of old laundry baskets, and various plants in large plant pots. This year is also our most expanded year in vegetable variations. What I mean by that is instead of just growing cucumbers this year for example, we're growing four different kinds of cucumbers. This includes lemon cucumbers, boston pickling cucumbers, space master cucumbers, cucamelons, and your basic cucumber. All sprouted from seed, indoors, which I began in February this year. I already had the basic cucumber seeds, but the other seeds I got from Seedsnow.com. They were having a sale at the time, so I got a bunch of different vegetable and herb seeds, probably about 20 different seed packs, for around $35.00, which is a great bargain compared to buying already sprouted plants. You should definitely check them out. They have a huge selection of heirloom seeds, and you don't have to spend a lot to get a lot either.

Each variety of cucumbers has a different look, taste, and use. I don't need to explain the need to grow a basic cucumber, but have you ever grown a lemon cucumber?

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Major Pests Identified & How To Deal With Them

Ever since I first started gardening three years ago I have come across a lot of different bugs. Some beneficial to my garden, and some which destroy, or try to destroy, my fruits and vegetables. It seems each year I deal with a new pest, but also still have to deal with some of the previous ones as well. This is the most frustrating part of gardening. I get so excited when I begin to see my plants getting bigger and growing flowers ready to begin producing fruits and vegetables. But soon after I have to become proactive in keeping the pests away to ensure I have fruits and vegetables to harvest.

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