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DIY Your Personal & Household Products

Over the last two years I’ve begun to make my own products, whether it's to replace a chemical based cleaner, or to save money on face wash, there have been two basic reasons why I’ve chosen to make my own products. The first reason is health, which should be the most important. Store bought products contain so many different chemicals that in the end we have no idea what we're using to clean our homes, wash our clothes, or use to wash our own skin and hair. While there are some more natural options out there, the sad truth is that those products are going to be more expensive, which brings me to the second reason I make a lot of my own products. I can’t afford those expensive products, and when I see the price for some of them, even if I could afford them I think the prices are crazy! But that’s the way it is. You want to make healthier choices then you’d better be prepared to pay more.

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Year Five, June Spring Garden Update

It’s now June and temperatures are getting up into the 90’s. Some days we’ve had 98 degree weather. The sun feels a lot more intense this year, compared to other years. I’ve begun shading my garden beds in the afternoon, to give my plants a bit of relief from the sun's heat. Too much heat and plants won’t fruit, and my tomatoes are already having trouble fruiting.

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Year Five, Intercropping, Core Gardening & Square Foot Gardening: Part Two

Now that I’ve discussed crop rotation, and gone into more detail on companion planting and intercropping, I can now explain core gardening and square foot gardening. These are two new things I’m trying this year, but I think they will really help with those hot summer days and a more bountiful harvest.

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Year Five, Intercropping, Core Gardening & Square Foot Gardening: Part One

Last years garden was not a productive one. Because I got my plants out so late in the season, I had a good harvest in the beginning, but shortly after, when the worst of the heat set in, even with adding shading in the afternoon during June and July, my poor plants just didn’t produce as well as the previous years. You live and you learn right?

So this year I’m changing it up after doing a bit of research on new options to try, working more with rotating some of my crops between different garden beds, intercropping, giving core gardening a try, and using square foot gardening to have a more bountiful harvest. Oh and don’t forget companion planting.

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Understanding Plant Families

When planning your vegetable garden each year there is one rule to keep in mind in order to ensure each year provides you with a good harvest. That rule is, don’t plant anything from the same family in the same garden bed year after year. Otherwise that wonderful harvest you had one year won’t be so wonderful the next year.

I can give you two really important reasons why this rule is so important. Plants of the same family use the same nutrients in the soil, and are susceptible to the same pests. Keeping this rule in mind each year can help ensure your plants are getting the nutrients they need and are a bit harder to find for pests to have their feast.

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