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Homemade Dry Shampoo, It Works!

In my last post I wrote about a natural and cheaper way to wash your hair. Now I want to tell you about a natural and cheap way to dry wash your hair in between your regular washes. As I mentioned in my previous post, washing your hair every day can do more harm than good. It can strip your hair of the natural oils it creates, causing your hair to become dry and damaged. Because of this I wash my hair every 3 days. The only issue I have is that once I get to day 3 my hair begins to look oily, especially at the roots. This is where dry shampoo comes in handy.

I do have two issues with the use of store bought dry shampoo though. My first issue is that dry shampoo can get expensive when it comes to brands that actually work. My second issue is that when it drys there are portions of my hair that are white, especially at the roots, which is where you begin to apply the dry shampoo. While this may not be a bad thing for blondes, I have light brown to dark brown hair mostly, so the white shows at my roots. I say mostly because my hair is naturally streaked with blonde highlights, so I guess you could say I have multiple shades in my hair. But I still don't want to use a product that is going to make portions of my hair white. I also use dry shampoo on my daughter's hair, and the same problem exists for her as well. Plus, her hair is a bit darker than mine so it shows even more. That is when I came upon a post on Pinterest that had a lot of different natural hair care remedies listed. One of those was for dry shampoo for those of us with darker hair. The ingredients for this are Cocoa, Corn Starch, and a dash of Cinnamon. Simple, inexpensive, so I tried it.

The difference between this homemade version and the version you buy in the store is that the homemade version is a powder you have to apply with your fingers compared to just spraying the store bought version on like you would hairspray. Plus, the homemade version can get a bit messy since one of the main ingredients is Cocoa. But I can honestly say it works.

I have oily skin, and my hair gets pretty oily in between washes. When I use this mixture my hair no longer looks oily, and it isn't weighed down with oil either. It has more volume than it did before I used the dry shampoo mixture. Since I go 3 days without washing my hair, day 1 my hair is soft and looks clean. But sometimes by day 2 it begins to look a bit oily in the front. I'm not sure why it begins in the front. I can only assume that because I have oily skin and my face gets oily on a daily basis that maybe that has something to do with the oily look starting in the front of my hair. So on day 2 I may apply a little of the mixture to the front area of my hair, although it isn't always needed. It sometimes depends on the weather as to when my hair starts to look oily. The more humid it is the sooner it looks oily, but the dryer it is then day 3 is usually when my hair begins to look a bit oily, although during the winter I can sometimes go to day 4. It could be different for you, depending on your skin and hair type and the climate you live in. But by day 3 the oily look has definitely begun to expand to the rest of my head.

I have been using this homemade mixture for about 5 months now. I use it on myself and my daughter. When I first started using it both my daughter and I had longer hair, down to our shoulders or below, and it worked great. Now we both have our own version of long pixie cuts and it still helps to control oil in our hair, helping us to last until day 3 with clean looking hair. Plus my daughter loves how her hair smells like cocoa after using it.

If you would like to give this homemade method of dry shampooing your hair a try, read on. But if your still a bit skeptical, try it anyway. You won't lose anything, and most likely you already have the ingredients on hand. So stop procrastinating, mix up a batch and try it out.

Homemade Dry Shampoo

I like to use the Gladware storage containers, so I have a lot of these on hand. But use what ever type of container you prefer. I use a 1/2 cup storage container and mix 3 tablespoons of cocoa, 3 tablespoons corn starch, and a dash of cinnamon. Then I put the lid on the container and shake up the mixture to combine all the ingredients. The 1/2 cup container is pretty much full, and the mixture lasts me a while, so I don't have to make it that often. In the 5 months or so I've been using this I think I've mixed up a new batch 2 or 3 times. It depends on how often I need to use it. Whether my oily look begins on day 2 or day 3, and whether my daughter needs to dry wash as well.

To add the mixture to my hair I will put my head upside down over either the bathroom sink or the bathtub. The reason I do this is because since it is a powdery mixture some of the mixture will fall in the wash basin, and its just easier to clean up if its already in the wash basin compared to being all over the floor or the counter. I dip two fingers into the mix and begin rubbing it into my scalp and then running my fingers through my hair. I start at the front of my scalp and work my way to the back, dipping my fingers into the mixture each time. After I've worked my way all around my head I then flip my head back up to see if I've missed any areas, or if any areas need a bit more of the mixture. But by this time I can already see the difference. My hair looks lighter, brighter, and once again has more volume because it isn't weighed down with oil.

I'll try to post a couple of pictures to show you the difference soon. But for now just give it a try. It really does work, and your hair smells nice too.

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