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Ode To Breakfast At Tiffany's

During my time at The Art Institute of Houston I took an Illustrator course. One of our projects, and my most favorite, was to design a poster of any celebrity of our choosing. Since Audrey Hepburn is one of my all time favorite actresses, and Breakfast At Tiffany's is simply one of the best she has done, I chose to create an ode you could say to Breakfast At Tiffany's. 

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Things I Wish I Knew or Had Listened To When I Had the Chance

During my time in school at The Art Institute of Houston I took an InDesign course. One of the projects for that course was to design a poster titles "Things I Wish I Knew or Had Listened to When I Had the Chance." This was a list that many previous students had put together from previous semesters, and our class had to ad one to the list as well. The list is definitely good advice for any new comers to school, but it is also amuzing because there were and I'm sure still are a lot of students that find out important information the hard way.

The list is as follows:

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Alternative For Making SVG Images Work Across Multiple Browsers

When it comes to the choice of using an SVG compared to a PNG in situations where high quality is required for that image, SVG takes precedence. For my site my home page has two images that are SVGs. The problem I was having was getting these images to scale in Firefox, Chrome, and Safari with a PNG fallback for versions of IE and other browsers that won't read SVG. The original obvious choice was to use the object tag so that I could not only include the SVG images, but their PNG fallbacks as well. I initially develop in Firefox because I love using Firebug for inspecting issues and debugging them. But after testing the SVG images in Chrome and Safari I realized that they would not scale in either browser. Firefox on the other hand was giving me no issues at all. So I searched the web looking for a solution to my problem. After lots of searching and reading all about SVGs I figured out that putting my object tag in a surrounding div container might help.

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To Blog Or Not To Blog

In creating my website and building websites for clients I've done a lot of research for the best tools to utilize when creating a website. While most sites I have built for clients have been WordPress sites, this website is built using Bootstrap, HTML, CSS, and a bit of PHP. When I decided I wanted to add a blog to my website I had two choices. Attempt to build a database and a fully functioning PHP based blog, or, find a CMS that I could use instead. After doing some research I came across a few different options. I didn't want to use WordPress, but I did want to use the blog template I had designed and setup utilizing Bootstrap. I also wanted to use a CMS that was as simple to use as possible allowing me to keep my HTML based site and just add a blog page using a type of text editor, allowing me to easily add blog posts similar to WordPress.

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About Me

Hi there. I'm Rachel Kay, a Web Developer, Illustrator, & Designer, whose hobby is to be creative and artistic, while freelancing as a Web Developer building creative, modern websites.