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Alternative For Making SVG Images Work Across Multiple Browsers

When it comes to the choice of using an SVG compared to a PNG in situations where high quality is required for that image, SVG takes precedence. For my site my home page has two images that are SVGs. The problem I was having was getting these images to scale in Firefox, Chrome, and Safari with a PNG fallback for versions of IE and other browsers that won't read SVG. The original obvious choice was to use the object tag so that I could not only include the SVG images, but their PNG fallbacks as well. I initially develop in Firefox because I love using Firebug for inspecting issues and debugging them. But after testing the SVG images in Chrome and Safari I realized that they would not scale in either browser. Firefox on the other hand was giving me no issues at all. So I searched the web looking for a solution to my problem. After lots of searching and reading all about SVGs I figured out that putting my object tag in a surrounding div container might help.

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To Blog Or Not To Blog

In creating my website and building websites for clients I've done a lot of research for the best tools to utilize when creating a website. While most sites I have built for clients have been WordPress sites, this website is built using Bootstrap, HTML, CSS, and a bit of PHP. When I decided I wanted to add a blog to my website I had two choices. Attempt to build a database and a fully functioning PHP based blog, or, find a CMS that I could use instead. After doing some research I came across a few different options. I didn't want to use WordPress, but I did want to use the blog template I had designed and setup utilizing Bootstrap. I also wanted to use a CMS that was as simple to use as possible allowing me to keep my HTML based site and just add a blog page using a type of text editor, allowing me to easily add blog posts similar to WordPress.

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About Me

Hi there. I'm Rachel Kay, a Web Developer, Illustrator, & Designer, whose hobby is to be creative and artistic, while freelancing as a Web Developer building creative, modern websites.