Replicating Beauty

Titanic II is an exact replica to the fated RMS Titanic which is set to launch in 2016 setting sail across the Atlantic on the orginal course of the RMS Titanic. The project is being funded by Austrailian billionaire Clive Palmer and his Blue Star Line company.

Titanic II Voyage

The Titanic II will make its maiden voyage in 2016 from Southampton, England to New York. She will carry 2,600 passengers, in 850 cabins. Employing around 800 crew members. Her length will be about three inches longer than her predecessor, which was 883 feet. The Titanic II will also include 18 lifeboats, enough to carry all passengers onboard.

The design and facilities will be authentic, with a few modern additions, such as air conditioning, and possibly internet throughout the ship. This still seems to be in debate. Palmer stated at a press conference, " I'm against it. I think you should relax on vacation."

The Titanic II will be authentic to the 1900's class system as well, allowing passengers to experience first, second or third class living and dining areas in order to fully relive the experience of being on the Titanic in the 1900's. It will also have dining rooms for second and third class, and Captain Smith's sitting room, bedroom, and quarters. In order to make the voyage even more authentic, the ship will be equipped with the same onboard gymnasium as the original Titanic, which will have Edwardian exercise machines. There will also be the Moorish-influenced Turkish baths, reading and writing rooms, a squash court, an exact replica of the grand staircase, and swimming pools, making this voyage the most memorable experience, reliving history.

In order to fully relive the experience passengers will be given 1920 era costumes, which wil be included in state rooms upon arrival. Being able to dress in 1920's costumes will give you the ability to fully recreate the experience of the time period and relive what life was like. In order to adhere to the same class rules of the time period, first class passengers will not be able to mingle with those in second and third class. For those who would like a full exerience on their voyage, you can spend a few days in different quarters where you can experience first class, second and third class throughout your 6 day voyage, or you can remain in first class throughout the entire voyage.

Concerns Noted

Taking into consideration that the original Titanic did meet an unfortunate fate, safety precautions are still being made. A Blue Line representative has stated their intentions to ensure the ship is safe, "It will be the most safe cruise ship in the world when it launches" they stated.

As Palmer has also stated, "Anything will sink if you put a hole in it." Blue Star Line intends to prevent worst-case scenarios. Palmer has also stated, "I'm not super-superstitious. We are staying true to the original Titanic and a lot of those designs and full experience that never saw the light of day, but there will be some updates too."

"The Titanic stands as a monument and hope for everyone who came to America to fulfill their dreams. Today, we know the U.S. has become what it has become," Palmer has stated. "A great Republic, the best hope for the world and mankind, and the Titanic can play a big role in that."

This voyage is a chance of a lifetime. Its an opportunity to relive an era, step out of the 20th century and into 1912 for a six day cruise of luxury. So leave your inhibitions at home, purchase a ticket, and take the cruise of a lifetime on what was once called the "Ship of Dreams."