• Grand Staircase

    The staircase is an exact replica of the original grand staircase on the RMS Titanic.

  • Grand Staircase Dome

    This image shows the beauty and detail of the dome above the grand staircase.

  • Elevator Lifts

    Here you can get a glimpse of the interior of the elevator, complete with a cozy place to sit.

  • Elevator Lifts

    This image shows the originally styled elevator lifts with a view of the hallway.

  • Cafe Parisien

    Decorated with intricate woodwork, guests will be able to relax and socialize during the day.

  • First Class Cabin

    First class cabins were very luxurious, and will provide guests with an authentic place to stay.

  • First Class Dining Room

    This dining room shows the glamour and beauty of being a first class passenger.

  • Third Class Cabin

    Guests can relive the experiences of third class in these authentic rooms.

  • Third Class Dining Room

    The third class dining room is very authentic, and is still an elegant place to dine.

  • Smoking Room

    The smoking rooms will provide guests with an authentic place to relax and socialize.

  • Turkish Bath

    The turkish baths will be the height of luxury for passengers.

  • Swimming Pool

    Guests can swim in the luxurious swimming pools abourd the Titanic II.

  • Gym Facilities

    There will be an authentic Edwardian gym complete with equipment that guests can use.

  • Radio Room

    There will be a non-operational radio control room similar to the one on the original Titanic.

  • Bridge Wheel House

    A 21st century version of the bridge wheel house on the Titanic II.